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Viewers no longer distinguish between Broadcast, Cable & CTV. Viewers say CTV ADs are btter

CTV Ads MoreAttention &  Relevancy Leading To Superior Impact
CTV Ads More Attention & Relevancy Leading To Superior Impact

These days the lines between broadcast, cable, and streaming have been blurred to the point that people really don't know or care which one they are watching. It's kind of like someone asking for a Kleenex when they really mean a tissue.

Lack of distinction is a great thing, it simply means that streaming has passed the point where people think it's something different. Many reputable sources point to the fact that CTV / Streaming has surpassed cable and broadcast viewing.

Here is another interesting shift. According to Media Post, Gen Z and Millennials say CTV runs better quality ads, that are more relevant 11/5/2023.

The analysis looked at the time of day, attention to ads, and the reactions to repeating ads.

CTV/Streaming/OTT ads are targeted by Geo, lifestyle, purchase intent, interests...Some CTV ads are dynamic and interactive. It certainly makes sense that ads are more relevant.

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