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Our goal is to deliver your goals.

We start with the end in mind. By understanding your needs we can plan, place, deliver and measure a local CTV | OTT schedule that complements your current media mix and delivers results. 

“Results you can count, It is all in the analytics” so here is a look at our robust reporting. Our clients see everything we see. This is a sample of local       CTV | OTT advertising weekly report. 
If you are looking for additional detail, lets talk, we can provide.

CTV | OTT Pacing report. Includes Impressions, Pace, CPM, Video Completion rate, Clicks, and Click Through Rate

Impressions by device and all associated metrics. This is a great indicator of inventory quality. Your CTV | OTT schedule should air where impact is the greatest, On large  TV, not on small screen mobile devices.

We have better more efficient ways to target mobile devices and desktops. See the chart. 

Video completion rates on Connected TV’s and Game Consoles is fantastic.


CPM’s on Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktops are low. Lets discuss the best strategy for cross-device exposure.

CTV | OTT Impressiions delivery by device type

Delivery By Device

View all CTV | OTT Private Marketplace deals

View all Private Marketplace deals

View every Deal | inventory provider. All metrics provided CPM, VCR, CTR. If you want more just ask. Every date, device, creative, metrocode, zip… It is all available. You will not have to ask or guess where your advertising is running. Schedule a call to discuss our Private Marketplace.

Campaign distribution by day

CTV | OTT Campaign distribution by day report

Delivery by day and time. Coordinate your local CTV | OTT advertising placement with your other advertising schedules. With other providers you may run in the overnights or the wrong days of the week. Lets discuss your goals and media mix. We will deliver the best placement strategy for your business to maximize the impact of Connected tv advertising.

Impressions by hour

CTV |OTT Impressions by hour report

Local CTV | OTT advertising results by Creative. Review all key metrics including Spend, Impressions, Clicks and more . Optimize your advertising campaign over time to run the creative that preforms best. There is no need to guess when the analytics tell the story. 

Performance by creative

CTV | OTT local advertising campaign Performance by creative report

Creative 1

Creative 2

Creative 3

Creative 4

Creative 5

Creative 6

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