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Dynamic CTV | OTT Ads

automate creative to match in stock inventory

Dynamic Ads.JPG

Dealer Video

Dynamic Dealer

offer from web

feed updated every

24 hours

Above commercials are examples only, These ads are not current and any prices and vehicles are likely no longer available.

Advantages of Dynamic CTV | OTT Ads

  • Lower cost of production

  • Inventory, incentives, and prices change will update as quickly as they are updated on the web site

  • Create multiple of the commercial at one fixed rate. Example versions Trucks Only, SUV Only, Managers Specials

  • Target ads by Make, Body Style, New or Pre Owned

  • Quick to set up and easy to change


With Dynamic OTT | CTV Ads advertisers will receive 100% of all other benefits offered by ConnectADtv

Interested in learning more about Dynamic CTV | OTT or ConnectADtv? Let's talk

Use QR codes to build a 1st to 3rd screen advantage for local CTV | OTT | Streaming campaigns. 

It was once said the fastest way to get from point A to point B is a straight-line. Now it just may be the QR code. If it lives up to its full potential, it may be the fastest way of connecting viewers to your service or product.


Like most people, you have likely seen an ad that made you laugh, cry, surfaced a need you did not know you had, created desire, made you want more information… When the show, movie, or event you were viewing ended, you remembered the message but could not recall the advertiser. This happens all the time. Quite frankly we get message overload. There are also times when the message gets lost in the creative.


You may already have all the benefits of an exceptional CTV | OTT | Streaming campaign:

Granular prospecting profile, specific geographics or zip codes, purchase intent, lifestyle



An additional dose of recall and contact such as a QR can only help.


QR codes can be used to successfully improve ad recall and response.


They can direct viewers to:

More Information, Contact US, Couponing, Join social channels, Event Dates & Ticket Purchase, Landing Pages, Form Fills…


The Best QR codes do provide additional analytics to your campaign

Number if downloads, Date & Time of Day, Device


QR codes can also be Dynamic

they can be updated without changing creative and even provide additional points of contact such as:

Phone number, Chat, E-mail, Map


Want to learn more about QR codes and how they will benefit your company scan here.


CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

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