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If you purchase broadcast tv or radio, this calculator turn ratings into impressions and budget in a few easy steps 


Instructions on how to use the local CTV | OTT advertising calculator are below.  We are happy to walk you through the calculator or discuss the best GRP strategies for your success.  

This calculator page converting rating points into impressions has become quite popular. It also has proved challenging for some. It is important you have the market demo population by thousands. Without this number, conversion is not possible. If you have questions, feel free to call 727-580-4857

Demo equals the number of people in your demo, in your market. If you do not know it, your traditional media AE can tell you. 

For this example. Tampa A 18-49 population 849,389. Please do not use a comma in the calculator.

The number of GRP's is the number of rating points you want to purchase or move.

For this example use 15 GRP's

The CPM will need to be provided by ConnectADtv. If you don't have an assigned Customer Success Manager CLICK HERE

For this example use $40 Please do not use the dollar sign.  

Quick check

Budget =5096.32     CPP =339.75     Impressions =127408


If you have these figures you are now an expert. Try it with your numbers.

CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

Have Any Questions?


We are here to assist you with all your questions. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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