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Ordinary vs. Extraordinary: A World of Difference

The Spark of Excellence

Remember that pre-COVID feeling? That drive to go above and beyond. Let's reignite that spark and bring back the extraordinary in everything we do!

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary: A World of Difference

Ordinary is...well, ordinary. It's the routine, the expected, the "just getting by." Extraordinary, on the other hand, is exceptional, remarkable. It's exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impression.

A Case of Exemplary Service

Just look at my recent cruise! The staff was phenomenal. Every interaction was a testament to their dedication, a reminder that service truly makes a difference. Compared to pre-COVID cruises, the experience was even better!

Fueling the Fire: Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence

While compensation details are unclear, tipping likely plays a significant role for cruise line employees. My pre-paid gratuities were just a starting point – I made sure to express my appreciation with additional tips throughout the trip.

The Value of Hard Work and Dedication

Cruise ship employees juggle demanding hours, long stints away from home, and diverse clientele. They deserve our respect and recognition.

Lessons Learned at Sea: Service Matters

This experience highlighted the power of service-based pay. It's about exceeding the minimum, creating loyal customers who rave about their experience. In my line of work, these "raving fans" are the key to new business.

A Renewed Appreciation: The Power of Perspective

The pandemic hit the cruise industry hard. Many employees faced unemployment and uncertainty. Now, back at sea, they exude a genuine joy for their work. It's a reminder to appreciate what we have, a foundation for true service excellence.

Bottling that Enthusiasm: A Call to Action

Wouldn't it be amazing to replicate that cruise crew's enthusiasm everywhere? Here in the US, post-COVID work culture can seem focused on just getting by. Let's change that!

This isn't just about jobs – it's about striving for excellence, for a work culture where everyone takes pride in delivering exceptional experiences.

Let's rekindle that flame, let's bring back the extraordinary!


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