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NBC may cut an hour of Primetime. A win for network & local stations, but a loss for broadcast

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

NBC considers cutting 1 hour of Primetime, giving the 10PM hour back to affiliates. Likely not a bad thought for the network or local affiliates. I don't have all the ratings if someone does please share.

I did find this article that showcased the 2021-2022 18-49 demo ratings . The best-rated broadcast network is NBC doing a 1.2 see below.

Prime time ratings 2021 to 2022 A18-49 demo

NBC takes a 1.2

Fox’s 1.1

CBS at 0.8

ABC at 0.7

I certainly remember times when you could remove the decimal point from these ratings, meaning NBC would be doing a 12, Fox and 11, CBS and 8, and ABC an 11. Times have changed.

I have no inside knowledge but the reason NBC may be cutting an hour of prime seems obvious. NBC would save money, broadcast ratings have been steadily cratering for years. Additionally, almost all networks have been heavily investing in streaming. I think all of them have publicly stated #streaming, #CTV, #OTT, is their top priority.

NBC still owns part of Hulu and they are doing their best to build momentum behind Peacock. NBC has already moved Days of Our Lives to Peacock and I would suspect they will be moving their saved hour of prime directly to Peacock.

Local affiliates may benefit also. They could add a Newscast where they would hold all of the inventory. With broadcast core audiences 25-54, 35+, + 50+, They may not even lose ratings.

While this could be a win-win for both the network and local affiliates it certainly is a loss for broadcast television.

CTV | Streaming | OTT Always getting better for viewers and local advertisers

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