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What is ESPN Flagship? Another threat to traditional cable? One more reason to cut the cord?

These days it is more than streaming that is impacting cable companies. T-Mobile and Verizon have started going after high-speed home Internet. The market appears to like it According to this article from fierce wireless the market has responded well. In Q1 2023, T-Mobile adds 523,000 home internet customers. That is more than AT&T, Comcast, Charter, & Verizon combined.

Apparently, there is a new threat. It's not a very well-kept secret, the code name is ESPN Flagship. While not dissolving relationships with cable companies it does appear that ESPN will go directly to consumers. This standalone streaming service would be more competition for cable companies.

Those who have clung to their cable subscriptions because they're hardcore sports addicts get your cable cutters out and join the majority with CTV & Streaming are now more popular than cable. It will be interesting to see how this potential ESPN option will impact those late to streaming.

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