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Watching Traditional TV or Cable is as outdated as smoking on an airplane.

Updated: May 1, 2023

100% transparency I took the line "as outdated as smoking on an airplane" from an article on

I did use a bit out of context but I thought the line was funny and true.

From 1986 to 1989 I worked for cable in advertising. from 1989 to 2018 I worked in broadcast advertising, the last 17 years in broadcasting as a manager. I started ConnectADtv a CTV | Streaming | OTT advertising Company in 2018, so glad I did. Advertising on Broadcast, Cable, or CTV may seem the same but they are worlds apart.

CTV | OTT shifts power and influence from large media companies to savvy marketers and advertisers. Advertisers no longer need to buy shows and networks; hoping prospects are in the audience. CTV | OTT offers advertisers the ability to build precise audiences made up of best their prospects. Connected TV is smarter marketing and advertising through better targeting, tracking, and Interactivity.

As a seller in broadcast or cable, we spend hours negotiating rates and ratings (or CPM and thousands). The process was stressful and in the end, it did not matter much. The ratings were almost always wrong, every month we owed underdeliver weight. The rates, well they reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry rented a car but when he went to pick it up they did not have it for him. The argument was you can take the reservation you just don't hold the reservation. Simply stated orders were taken with the best intentions but when a bigger better rate came in, advertisers were often bumped.

The whole process created friction and no matter how hard you tried to change it it was mostly an US vs Them mentality. With CTV I work advertisers hand in hand. Rather than waste time and effort on fictitious ratings we invest time in developing the best geographic and audience profile. It is a true partnership and I feel like an extension of their team.

Campaigns are not set it and forget it, are always optimizing and adjusting as we get feedback such as view-throughs, sales zip codes, reach and frequency and more. The rate conversation rarely comes up because advertisers see the exact cost and instead of under-delivery we always over-deliver.

If you are in Traditional Broadcast or Cable avoid the headlines, you may not like what they say 🤐😪😫🙁😖😞

If you are an advertiser or marketer and want to discuss #CTV #Streaming #OTT let's talk 727 580 4847


Watching Traditional TV or Cable is as outdated as smoking on an airplane.
Watching Traditional TV or Cable is as outdated as smoking on an airplane.

#CTV #Streaming #OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers


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