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Streaming topples cable as the most popular way US Households watch television maybe...

The growth of #CTV #Streaming #OTT at this point in time cannot be questioned. Within the next decade (or sooner), most content will be streamed. According to Nielsen ( July 2022), CTV | Streaming | OTT has already surpassed cable and certainly broadcast.

The growth has been so fast, that it can be hard to measure. I am not a huge fan of Nielsen and I have suggested in several posts that due to the velocity of change and different sample sizes, no one source has all the answers on CTV | Streaming.

I love to see charts like the one above but I also balance it out by looking at several sources. Many are a little different but it is easy to see the same trend lines. I will continue to post the most accurate research I find as often as possible. Hope you enjoy.

#CTV #Streaming #OTT Always getting better for viewers and advertisers.

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