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Small size delivers Big advantages. We are nimble, resourceful, tactical, and accountable...

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

We only have one boss and it is not corporate, it is our clients. Partner with the brilliance of a small company to gain the full benefits of your next #CTV #Streamng #OTT campaign

I recently saw a friend that I have not seen in a while. As soon as he saw me he said "you look smaller than ever". It was not a negative comment, it was true. I am about 20 pounds lighter than I have been over the last 15 years.

My response was that my small size has always been an advantage. It makes me quick, nimble, tactical, resourceful. Being small makes me work harder and because ConnectADtv only answers to clients, not corporate, we go extreme extends to deliver transparency, service, results, and accountability. We often operate as an extension of our clients teams. Reviews here

My friend's comment made me think of a video I made 3 years ago and it still holds true today. Small is better than big watch the video for the rationale.

While most of us in the CTV business have access to the same inventory it doesn't mean we deliver the same inventory, I see this over and over. Many suppliers are in a margin business, buying low selling high. ConnectADtv does not run on margins, our clients see all CPM's that allows ConnectADtv to deliver the best inventory available for our clients.

We deliver CTV private marketplace and direct publisher deals straight to big screen TV's, not small screen Phones, Tablets, or Computers where the messages can get lost. We do have other strategies to deliver video messages to these important devices at about 1/3 of the CTV CPM.

ConnectADtv has a full list of best practices developed and improved over several thousand of successful campaigns. We are always happy to discuss with you what makes successful campaigns, what and why vendors should supply specific tracking and metrics.

and most importantly your specific needs. Thinking about utilizing CTV or have questions about your current campaign? Let's talk 727 580 4857


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