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Love ChatGPT & Googles Search Generative Experience (SGE). I use them both as idea starters

About ConnectADtv according to Google AI engine
About ConnectADtv according to Google AI engine

I find both forms of AI great for starting ideas. I also find they are both very different.

At first, I thought ChatGPT was more creative. I could type in ChatGPT write me a song about the weather and the minutes I would have a song. Chat GPT is limited the last knowledge. As of 8/10/23 the last update was in September 2021 (at least that is what Chat GPT said). At times, I need more up-to-date information.

Google SGE seems to be catching up on the creative side. Just this morning SGE (The Google AI engine) did write me a song about the weather. It is also more up-to-date.

For fun, I went into both AI engines and typed tell me about ConnectADtv (my company).

Here is the result from ChatGPT - As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I do not have information about "ConnectADtv." It's possible that ConnectADtv is a term, company, product, or concept that emerged after that date. Not really what I wanted to see.

Here is the result from Google SGE ConnectADtv is a company that specializes in planning, placement, measurement, and optimizing CTV (Connected TV) and OTT (Over-The-Top) advertising campaigns. ConnectADtv has access to top-tier providers and networks, including Sling and Direct TV Now. They offer targeted advertising in all genres, including news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. Google SGE was spot on.

Try it for your business.

AI is always getting better, just like #CTV #OTT and #Streaming


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