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No need for Virtual Assistants or White-label companies. Our structure allows us to develop strong relationships, provide consistent service & deliver successful outcomes

No need for Virtual Assistants or White-label companies

Maybe it's just me, but lately, I am getting bombarded with pitches from virtual assistants, white-label companies, business coaches, and tax strategists. They all seem to believe they could run my company and interact with clients better than I ever could.

Being in sales and knowing it is hard, I try to be open-minded. In truth, I find these pitches (I am not a pitch guy) to be ridiculous. What's particularly frustrating and unprofessional is the lack of understanding these pitches demonstrate about my business, its specific needs, and the complexities of client interactions. If I am going to call a business or decision maker and ask for their time, you can bet I will first invest my time in doing appropriate pre-call research

Here are a few examples I've encountered

"I help business owners and sales professionals earn 200K/year, guaranteed!"

"Just bumping this to your inbox – saved someone in your industry 60k on taxes!"

"I have a couple of experienced sales reps that can book 15-25 calls/week and get you more clients"

"I help Agency owners achieve a 30% increase in profits in the next 4-6 weeks" 

"We have helped businesses of your size save up to 6 figures on their tax bill."

"We recently came across your profile and would like to invite you to apply for inclusion in the 2024 edition of Who's Who in America!"

"Average profit increase of 60-80% across hundreds of businesses!"

These experiences remind me of the kind of sales professional I aspire to be.

I want my clients to perceive me as:

Being Genuinely Interested: Taking time to learn about their business and challenges.

An active problem-solving partner: Offering fresh ideas tailored to their specific situation.

Respectful, timely, and accurate communication: Maintain a positive tone, even when things

get tricky.

An extension of their business: The best compliment I get is when a client asks me for my opinion on something unrelated to my offering.

The truth

"Sales isn't about winning a sprint; it's about building enduring, trusting relationships like running a marathon. In this journey, your clients are your training partners, and together, you navigate twists, turns, and new directions. Trust is the foundation, built through listening, learning, honesty, and problem-solving.

Forget the sales pitch; aim to be a confidant and advisor. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Over my 38 year media sales career, I have often found we are selling solutions that the company wants us to push

Tailor fresh ideas to each client's needs instead of pushing generic sales material. Sales is not a wall of one sheets.

Interactions should be positive and respectful, even when faced with challenges like clients citing misinformation from elsewhere. How you handle these moments defines the strength of your bond and the outcome. Overcoming adversity can deepen relationships and foster trust."

This is a special thank you to all of my clients. I would not have a business without you.


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