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Lightning strikes, wife screams, dog #1 in the closet #2 in the bathroom, computer modem dies...

After a quick check to make sure everyone is okay, I kick in our redundancy plan. If you are working from home a redundancy plan is a must-have. Clients depend on us, not the weather. Everything is stored on the cloud, a secondary laptop is always charged up, the home offices should be portable. Find the closest Starbucks with Wi-Fi and you are back in business.

Luckily yesterday my cell phone hotspot is all I needed to fulfill client needs. Make sure you pick a cell phone service with a high-speed hotspot (I have found T-Mobile 5G amazing)

The point here is if you work from a home office always be prepared. Many people called Tampa the lightning capital of the world, it sure seems like it last night, (it is actually the lightning capital of North America), and home to the Stanley Cup --Go Lightning:). We will likely have many more power outages between July and November. Rather than hiding behind Mother Nature, defy the odds and Delight your clients.

By the way, my neighbor's cable was out but I cast from my phone to the TV and watched some great shows all night.

#CTV #OTT #Streaming always getting better


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