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Just returned from days in Vegas. Not a good gambler, here's a safe bet Streaming |CTV is the future

Streaming | CTV | OTT has changed how millions of Americans watch TV. It has also changed the way advertisers and marketers buy TV.

To viewers don't wager with your valuable time.

To advertisers don't risk your advertising budgets.

Streaming | CTV | OTT minimizes your risk and maximizes your opportunity. I wish I had those odds in Vegas.

Viewers are no longer bound to specific schedules, days, and times to view their favored programs. Streaming | CTV is instant gratification for viewers. It also offers advertisers and marketers effectiveness, efficiency, optimization, data management, trackability, audience and geographic specificity.

Here is the value proposition. Viewers watch what they want, when they want, on the devices they want to utilize. Advertisers reach those most likely to respond to their offer or be interested in their message.

We are all bombarded with advertising messages, that won't stop. At the very least with Streaming | CTV |OTT viewers will see products and services most relevant to them.

We just ended a political cycle, The joke in my house was how many political nonsense ads we were receiving. We were receiving 1 to 3 pieces of direct mail from a local candidate we had no interest in. Not only were these direct mail ads expensive, but most were also completely out of line with our views and values. Receiving off messaging political ads only emboldened our views against candidates, unfortunately not for them.

Outside of politics, I have heard people complain about off-targeted ads but I really have never heard people complain about commercials when it is on target with their values, needs, wants or interests. (Wants and needs are very different. As a kid, I wanted a lot of things. While I didn't always get what I wanted, I always had what I needed).

#Streaming #CTV #OTT Always getting better for viewers and local advertisers


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