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I could be streaming #1 fan, but NFL+ seems like a Hail Mary Pass

The NFL is launching NFL + A #Streaming -convoluted #CTV #OTT mobile a service that costs $4.99 a month Or $39 for the year. The price point is fine I just questioned the content and delivery. I am not quite sure I get this one.

Supposedly NFL + will deliver access to all out-of-market preseason games. Sounds like a snoozer to me ZZZZZ.

NFL plus will also offer mobile device access to local and primetime regular season games. Again I don't see an amazing benefit here.

We've seen CNN plus go up in flames. The NFL franchise has many more fans and a lot of raving fans but it just seems like this is a bit off the mark.

Things in #CTV #Streaming #OTT Space are changing quite quickly we will see how this evolves.

Here is the last thought on this. The NFL is in the midst of negotiating the Sunday ticket. I don't think DIRECTV is in play. It will likely go to Apple or Amazon possibly even Google they just entered the bidding. Who knows who will tackle this opportunity. Just a guess here but the NFL may be starting NFL + in the middle of carriage negotiations may be a way to keep some of this valuable content alive and stay alive in this streaming business.

As a true fan of #Streaming #CTV this is fun to watch

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