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I am not Peacocking- September was a great month for Streaming| CTV | OTT

I am not peacocking here because I have never been a fan of Nielsen. When I look at the Lumascape I look for as many credible sources as possible and the direction that they are pointing. When I see several leading indicators pointing in the same direction it then tends to be trustworthy.

The September numbers are out from Nielsen Gage. While the sample size is small and potentially questionable this is in line with the other sources that I look at on a regular basis.

This paragraph below is lifted directly from the Nielsen report here is the link

Broadcast recorded the largest month-over-month gain, driven by the sports genre, which accounted for 25.1% of broadcast viewing. That said, broadcast’s 24.2% share in September was 7.1% lower than it was a year ago. Cable also benefited from a 40% bump in sports viewing, but the 0.4% rise in usage wasn’t enough to move cable’s share of total TV. In fact, with the other categories gaining share in the month, cable dropped 0.7 share points to finish with 33.8% of total TV, its lowest share ever reported by The Gauge. Cable viewing was 9.3% lower in September compared with a year ago.

Sooner than later most video entertainment and movies will be streamed. #CTV #Streaming #OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers.


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