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Disney, NBCU, CBS...streaming first. This is pure Diffusion of Innovation at work.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I made a post about NBC considering shedding one hour of prime time. in the post I shared my opinion of why I think NBC is interested in making the move, and what the potential outcome is for the local stations both short-term and long-term.

Recap NBC saves money and moves programming to Peacock. Local affiliates short-term reprogram the 10:00 PM hour with news and make more money in the short term. Long-term outcome, possible loss of their affiliate. I do think the long ball here is that NBC would like to take total control over all content.

In the post, I did point out the most recent disastrous ratings and that NBC already shifted off of broadcast to Peacock.

Apparently, the post moved many people with over 28,000 views in 24 hours. Like always, there were many positive comments but there were certainly some negative ones. I enjoy all comments, they make me rethink so please keep them coming.

Even the negative comments were not very bad For example:

Not everyone's streams don't speak for everyone. I apologized

Cite your sources. I added in a few sources

Why would NBC try to move the least likely audience to Peacock? this post is about why NBC may be moving programming.

Please keep in mind this is my opinion, I don't work for the network and I have no idea what they're really thinking.

My overall thought is that all major networks are moving to a streaming-first mentality. There have been several articles on this subject dating back to 2020. Here is just one of those articles

NBC and other networks are trying hard to push people through the Diffusion of Innovation Curve. This curve shows the theory behind how and why new ideas and technologies spread.

With streaming there are:

The innovators, these are people who streamed before most people even heard the term "Streaming" way before the term OTT. Many years ago I had a box I don't even know what the name of it was this is way before Roku and Tire TV. It received a few channels.

Then came The Early Adopters, the first people to buy Roku devices. On Christmas many years ago I bought Roku devices for everyone on my sales team. The year prior I gave the team a camera for tier computer. I don't think they liked either gift then, but now they use them daily. My thoughtfulness was a few years early.

The next area to convert is The Early Majority and I think it's fair to say we have passed that. most Everyone is now streaming. It is not just 18-year-olds in hoodies.

88% of US households have 1+ CTV devices.

46% of U.S. adults watch CTV daily

62% of adults 18-34 watch CTV daily

54% of adults 35-54 watch CTV daily

24% of adults 55+ watch CTV daily

Source Lichtman Research Group June 2022

There is still work to do with the late majority. I think This is why NBC moved Days of Our Lives to Peacock. They know they have a hardcore loyal audience that will follow the program. While these viewers may be the least likely streamers once they move over to the Peacock platform they're likely to discover other programs And realize streaming is easy fun and available wherever and whenever you want to watch.

I think we have now moved to The Late Majority. They know what CTV | Streaming | OTT is and have used it a bit, at friends' or adult children's homes but are not ready to go all in.

This would leave only the laggards. They may never jump on the streaming ship and that is OK. Broadcast television is now a preliminary A55 plus medium it will continue to be there for those people who do not stream.

I will close with this

88% of U.S. households(113 Million) have at least one CTV | Streaming | OTT subscription. Stacking services continue to grow. The average video streaming household now uses 5 services. Source Kantar June 2022.

If the networks don't get their share of the #CTV #Streaming #OTT audience now they may lose the opportunity to get their later. They are future-proofing their business.

CTV | Streaming | OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers.

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