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Comcast | Charter | Spectrum to slow cord cutting by building a streaming box? What, really, why..

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Comcast | Charter | Spectrum to slow cord cutting by building a streaming box?  What, really, why..
Comcast | Charter | Spectrum to slow cord cutting by building a streaming box? What, really, why..

I am not quite sure I get it,

cable is trying to slow cord-cutting by building a streaming box which eventually will lead to more cord-cutting.

My belief is that their new razel dazel streaming box is already antiquated.

From what I have read and the reviews I have watched, the Xumo Streaming Box is too:

Late to market


Indistinguishable from Roku, Fire TV, and OEM

Relient on *Spectrum/Charter. The Disclaimer says Spectrum Internet required

*I am not 100% sure on this for Comcast but the Spectrum fine print said Spectrum Internet required.


1, I 100% support this device. Some Comcast | Charter | Spectrum customers will utilize the device. I am in the #CTV #Streaming business and I support anything that brings more eyeballs to streaming. Like current streaming devices, the Xumo Stream Box will allow apps like Hulu, Max, Netflix, Sling, Peacock, Pluto, Prime Video, Tubi...

2, I can't really think of a second pro


1, No need for this device. Current devices and Smart TVs are fantastic.

2, Typical Cable Cable Scheme. Access and billing will go through the cable company. $60 to buy or $5 per month. If you go monthly some say you will have to call to cancel. I rather buy a device on Amazon for $20-40 set it up and move on.

3, This device is free for the first 12 months to new customers. For some reason loyal customers don't count, you will have to Pay $60. I have always thought this should be the other way around.

4, Not really portable you must be on Spectrum | Charter internet (not sure about Comcast). Roku and Fire TV are ISP agnostic. I often my phone hotspot to run these devices.

5, These cable companies are training their customers to stream. It is obvious Cable companies want to keep their high-speed customers but mobile companies like Verizon and T-Mobile are making huge strides in home high-speed Internet. They have great quality at lower costs. I would not stay with a company just because of their streaming device.

6, According to an article I read on the partnership between Comcast | Charter | Spectrum, Xfinity, owned by Comcast, will be introducing a new stream box in a few months. It will be a new Xumo Streaming Box and a new Xfinity box? I don't know it is confusing.

I am not really sure what to think of this partnership, the investment was well over $900 Million. I don't know what it buys. To me, it seems like these companies are accelerating the curve to cut the cord rather than fixing their own internal issues like bundling, billing, service, and customer retention.

Before you sign up for this new streaming device remember this. The big print gives, the small print takes away. Please read the offer in full. Happy streaming

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#CTV #Streaming #OTT always getting better for viewers, local advertisers, and marketers.

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