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The story behind Netflix's Project Griffin. It was a big gamble...

5 years in development, price points were set, marketing and advertising were ready and then....

There was a spin-off to Roku. Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix decided that if Netflix jumped into the hardware business from the entertainment and streaming business there would be conflicts with other device makers like Apple TV and so on.

While this was a risky move, remaining platform agnostic proved to be the right move for Netflix. This most likely was the single largest move that propelled Netflix into the #1 streaming service.

Reed Hastings stayed focused on his goal. He knew that streaming would fundamentally change how Netflix delivered content to its customers. Unlike BlockBuster, he saw how technology would impact Netflix and he took advantage.

What is your project Griffin? Would it be better to spin it off? Are you focused and nimble? seeing your business clearly and being able to shift as the market changes pays dividends Are you taking full advantage of technology? New advertising technology will improve your advertising ROI | ROAS Do your marketing and advertising plans look like they did last year? If they do, it is time to talk.

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