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Small Change Big Difference

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The MRC is redefining CTV, there is room for improvement on the new definition

The MRC is redefining OTT | CTV. It is fantastic that the growth and notoriety CTV is generating is requiring governing bodies to take a deeper look. I am thrilled that the MRC is now defining CTV and OTT differently. This is a great first stem but there is room for improvement. It is important to identify and properly name Ads Everywhere | TV Everywhere in this new clarification.

If OTT is defined as Over and Around the Broadcaster & Cable company and CTV was a subset of OTT, then having to use a Cable log in to access cable APPS would disqualify this from the above CTV definition. This may seem like a small detail but as the old saying goes- the devil is in the details. Ads Everywhere is video delivered via internet-connected devices but it requires cable verification. It is a duplication of the cable signal, and likey duplication of cable ad budgets. Cable sellers are selling Ads Everywhere as CTV. Good for them they should, but without further delineation, this new interpretation will continue to create confusion.

I am on the front lines and I hear this daily. To a large organization defining the difference between CTV and Ads Everywhere may appear petty, but to buyers and sellers in the trenches, this deserves to be inspected and explained.

Full Ad Exchanger article here

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