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Marketers & Advertisers are increasing their audience-based TV buying investments.

This means increased investment in CTV. Sooner than later most TV, Movies, and entertainment will be streamed.

86% of streamers watch AD- Supported content
86% of streamers watch AD- Supported content

I have read a few articles recently about the growth of streaming and the direction it is headed.

The first article appeared to be placing a cloud on Subscription Based (paid SVOD) Streaming Services. The gist of the article, the growth rate of Subscription-Based Streaming (SVOD) has slowed. That really is an of course moment. It is the law of small numbers.

If a streaming service has 100 subscribers and they add 10 new subscribers they have a 10% growth rate. A year later if that same streaming service has 100,000 subscribers and they add 1000 new subscribers the growth rate has slowed to only 1%. This is math, call it slowing or whatever you want, but ultimately the numbers continue to get larger. Always take a deep dive when people use percentages.

The second article I read was from the Video Advertising Bureau. Unlike many studies I see this was not addressing the number of people that have access to streaming. There is consensus that the number of US HH that have a streaming device is well over 88%). This article was about the number of people who watch ad-supported streaming services. This is a monumental change in the dialogue.

According to a Magnite study, (possibly a Magnite VAB study), 9 out of 10 streamers watch AD- Supported Streaming Content. We are still early in the chapters of CTV | Streaming | OTT. there are many chapters to be written.

Subscription-based streaming will continue to grow but you will see accelerated growth in FAST (Free Ad Supported streaming Television).

CTV | Streaming | OTT always getting better for Advertisers, Marketers, and Viewers.

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