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Make waves, challenge the traditional, change beliefs, shatter boundaries...I want to be a disrupter

Updated: Jul 15

Make waves, challenge the traditional, change beliefs, shatter boundaries...I want to be a disrupter
Make waves, challenge the traditional, change beliefs, shatter boundaries...I want to be a disrupter

I have posted a few times about being a disrupter. I want to be a disrupter and after a year like 2020 when "that is the way we have always done it" does not cut it anymore it is more important than ever to disrupt.

After a recent post, I thought about it, what's a disrupter. Do I even have a good definition of what I want to be? Do I even have a history of disrupting? After a quick Google, a reflection of my past, and a forecast of the future I think I qualify.

Over the years I have done many things to change the status quo. In 2018 I took my biggest and best leap. After 17 years in management with a large broadcast company (Gannett | Tegna), I decided to leave. I was burnt out and after 17 years with the same company, I saw the world differently, and quite frankly I did not like the true north of the mothership. (Much gratitude to Gannett Tegna).

I felt there was a better way to do business, serve clients, provide 100% transparency & honesty, learn, enjoy life... Rather than try to change a huge organization from within I decided to build a business that my clients would love and I could be proud of.

It is with pure intent that I decided to make waves, challenge the traditional, change beliefs, move boundaries, do things 100% differently. I decided to disrupt.

Here are a few good articles from my Google search on Disrupters.

To be a destructor you need uncontainable passion

"They look to shake up the traditional way of doing things and change people's buying habits and preferences."

Article for Inc below


What is a Disrupter?

"Simply put, a disrupter is someone who isn’t afraid to make waves, someone who is constantly pushing the envelope to do things better, without worrying about how things have always been done. For a true disrupter, the world of IT is an opportunity to challenge boundaries, shatter expectations, and work to expand their ecosystem at every turn."

From Arnie Bellini LinkedIn article


"To be a disrupter is to create a product, service, or way of doing things which displaces the existing market leaders and eventually replaces them at the helm of the sector. Disruptors are generally entrepreneurs, outsiders, and idealists rather than industry insiders or market specialists. Disruptors are often linked to the fast moving technology industry but can be found in almost any area of business."

From Business Leader


Go ahead Disrupt, now I have a better understanding of what I want to be and goals to shoot for.

#CTV #OTT #Streaming sure did disrupt the broadcast and cable business.


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