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Linking features & benefits, and why the Brady | Gronkowski commercial was banned from Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl 2021 had many great commercials, some were OK, and some were duds. Searching online for best | worst commercials of Super Bowl LV was interesting, every article I read seemed to have different pics.

My favorite commercial was the T-Mobile Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Adam Levine commercial. We will get into that in just a minute. My second favorite commercial did not air, l it was the T-Mobile Tom Brady | Rob Gronkowski commercial. It was banned due to Verizon's protected rights deals on telco, Verizon was the official Super Bowl sponsor.

Have you ever liked a commercial to the point you've talked about it with friends, they liked it also, but as a group, no one could remember who the commercial was for. I am guessing the answer is likely yes. This typically happens when the message gets lost in the creative. Personally, I thought that happened with the Fiverr ad, there was just too much going on and it did not communicate the features or benefit to people unfamiliar with Fiverr.

Features and benefits are different, great commercials typically deliver both.

Features are the what - the characteristics of the product.

Benefits or the why- how it helps the buyer.

In good commercials, features and benefits can be explicit or implicit but they are typically part of the communication.

In the new T-Mobile commercials, the feature is great mobile connectivity. The benefit is on point, poor connectivity leads to misunderstandings, ” don't trust your love life to just any network”. It is easy for viewers to conclude that good connectivity leads to positive outcomes.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Adam Levine commercial

The Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski commercial was just as clever.

Here is why the T-Mobile commercials above are my favorite

· Both commercials linked features and benefits.

· They were amazingly relevant in talent and in timing. During the pandemic many of us relied on video calls. Has anyone had any video issues lately? That was a rhetorical question.

· They addressed consumer normal experiences, like it or not video calls are here to stay and we need to have great solutions. T-Mobile is putting it out there that they are the remedy.

· They were able to utilize humor and stare power to link features and benefits, making the commercial more memorable and impactful.

· They were completely original, too bad the Brady | Gronkowski add was cut from the Super Bowl.

· The commercials have legs meaning there is something to build on. I have read that T-Mobile will utilize this concept throughout the year with other famous faces.


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