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Latest headlines-Bosses winning the return to office battle, employers get tougher on RTO...

Return to office hits pandemic high.

I find the articles a bit fascinating and polarizing.

I can fully admit that I would not have enjoyed managing a completely remote team. I am sure that is a personal flaw in me. When I look back at my years in management there are a lot of things I would have improved or done differently. One of the reasons why I left my company job, by always towing the company line, I didn't like who I was becoming.

Back to the point, some people need the company structure, camaraderie, and tutelage, some people don't. There is not a one size fits all, and optics are important. It is very difficult to look like a supportive manager and let those who flourish in a work-from-home setting stay home, and hold those who flounder accountable to the office. It could be the same case here with company veterans versus company newbies.

Just my thought here, those who struggle without an office environment are likely the ones who will protest the loudest against returning to the office.

I do feel bad for young adults just entering their professional careers during the COVID pandemic. They don't know what they're missing by not having the office environment and don't realize how much they would learn simply from osmosis / by proxy.

I hear those new to the workforce talk about working in their gym shorts and being more productive. I typically don't hear them talking about liking their job or coworkers. I have seen those who report to an office, at least a few times a week, enjoy more success, take more pride in what they do and in their company, exude more professionalism, experience longevity, and receive promotions.

I think the challenge here is if you haven't reported to an office or have not reported in the last few years, being asked to report to an office now is like taking a privilege away also known as punishment.

We are now in an adjustment period. There is a lot of job hopping. Time will tell what works best for individuals and companies. I will be watching from my home office :).

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