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It is getting Sharky but you don't have to be one to swim with them.

While I have always liked the book Swim with the Sharks, I have never been one in my business or personal life. The book tends to focus on Outselling, Outmanaging, and Outnegotiating Your Competition. My personal view is succeeding in business is more about your clients than your competition. It is likely that we all have fairly good products and services (otherwise we would be out of business). Sharks are eventually, sharks are seen for what they are, not a term of endearment.

It is my true belief that there is no need to be a shark, just put your customers first, be transparent, honest, ethical, and work smart and hard for your client's success. When clients succeed you will also. My clients are my best sales team. To all my clients, Thank You

Video from backyard 5/3/2022


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