• Robert Eckelman

I am apt to set goals over New Year's resolutions. I make goals public so I am held accountable

I have watched a lot of Sports lately.

I was surprised that Allstate is airing Good Hands & Mayhem simultaneously more to come...

I am apt to set goals over New Year's resolutions. I make goals public so those who know me can hold me accountable.

While this may seem trivial, I have noticed a better response from people. It's not what you say it's how you say it.

Back to insurance

Mayhem - Negative Vibe.

Good Hands, I like the message, is possibly dated & forgettable.

Farmers "Seen it, covered it. We know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. Comedy, assurance & they are real-life bizarre insurance claims.

Which commercial is the best or most successful, I have yet to research. This is just my observation that Allstate is running a negative & comforting message at the same time. I do find it confusing. I am sticking with my goal and staying positive.

By the way if these were part of a local CTV | OTT advertising campaigns we would know which commercial is performing better. Which has more View Throughs, Click Throughs, Higher Engagement video completion rate.

Keep it positive, Keep it powerful. If you want more info on CTV | OTT contact us at 727 580 4857

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