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Here is a good new years resolution | solution “-If you have nothing good to say, say nothing”

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski did a great job when asked about the Antonio Brown walk-off immediately following the game.

This saying may be one of the golden rules ( I am not sure). If not one of the golden rules, it is something that will be learned when we were young.

Times have changed, it seems there are cameras everywhere and social media and user-generated content have also added to the transformation. Candidly I am not big on resolutions, I would rather focus on long-term solutions to become a better version of myself.

In my personal life, I am making a modification to the rule of “If you have nothing to say” to this.

If you have nothing to say say nothing, or at least say it with grace. You never know what other people are going through.

It would have been easy for Brady and Gronkowski to roast Antonio Brown. They were both interviewed immediately, it was fresh and emotions were high. look at these two videos, Brady and Gronkowski handled it with grace like true teammates and champions

What you say about others says a lot about you.


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