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Growth of CTV | OTT faster than Amazon Same Day Shipping

IMDb  TV Great Free Ad Supported CTV | OTT content
IMDb TV Great Free Ad Supported CTV | OTT content

Well it is not quite as fast as one day shipping ( I love that) but CTV | OTT is moving fast.

Less than 2 weeks ago I posted about Amazon Freedrive

it has already Rebranded as IMDB TV and it is getting better.

IMDb TV is 100% free. It is from Amazon but no Prime subscription required.

IMDB TV is AD Supported CTV | OTT.

New Partnerships signed with Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment, and MGM Studios are delivering more FREE CTV | OTT content

Coming Soon to IMDb TV

Captain Fantastic

La La Land

Sense and Sensibility

Draft Day,

A Knight's Tale

Keep watching and oh yah, you can not skip the ads

Local CTV OTT advertising getting better all the time :)


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