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CTV | Streaming | OTT, It just keeps getting better for local advertisers and viewers

Updated: Jul 25

I am a heavy streamer, It is my business and I love consuming videos from all genres (except horror).

I subscribe to 7 different Streaming services and several stand-alone apps. My streaming monthly bill is way less than my old cable bill and I have so much more choice and freedom. Quite frankly of the 7 streaming services I have, I only pay for 2 Netflix, I will switch to Ad-Supported as soon as it is available, and Hulu ( I always feel like I am a month away from dropping it).

Here is my list:

Paramount plus. Free from my cell provider. I rarely watch it.

Peacock Just added $1.99 a month I rarely watch it

HBO Max Just added a $69 Year Ad Supported. This could be my new favorite

Hulu on demand, live TV,

ESPN+, Year Ad-Supported

Amazon Prime. I have prime for Amazon free delivery not for the video but there certainly are some good programs. Really enjoyed Reacher, Jack Ryan, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Terminal List

Netflix Lately I have not been watching it.

I do watch a substantial amount of Pluto, History Channel , and FX really love Tacoma FD. all of these channels are ad supported.

With CTV | Streaming | OTT I have so many choices it can be overwhelming. One thing is for sure, there is always something on that I will enjoy and share with friends

What is your favorite streaming platform and do you use multiple platforms?

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