• Robert Eckelman

CTV | OTT Viewership & Time Spent watching disproportionately growing over linear

An email from Samba TV went out on 4/16. Samba is an Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) company. Samba measures TV viewership from TV's and mobile devices. Here is their findings during the COVID Pandemic

1 Massive migration away from linear moving to CTV & OTT. While time spent watching Across the board is up, it is up disproportionately in favor of streaming

2, This disproportionate growth in CTV | OTT is leading to the total reach of linear TV shrinking, while frequency is spiking. That finding makes sense, it's just medium math reach X frequency equals groups. If reach is shrinking the only thing that can go up is frequency.

CTV I OTT always getting better.  

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