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Crazy to think that just as I reach my prime purchasing years, Age and Gender marketers forget me

With video viewership up dramatically, traditional networks continue to hemorrhaging. It is not all bad news. Streaming has skyrocketed and that is great news for savvy marketers and advertisers.

Networks losing viewers has been happening for years. Once Upon a time viewing choices were limited. There was ABC, CBS, NBC and possibly an independent station in any given market. Today broadcast is still the largest mass reach media, if you want mass Age and Gender reach.

Times have changed viewership has fragmented, so have consumer needs, wants, and media habits. As I write this, I am 56, meaning if you are a traditional age and gender marketer, I have aged of the desirable 25-54 demo. Crazy to think that just as I reach my prime purchasing years, marketers forget me. In the last 12 months I have purchased A vehicle, A boat, home furniture, large appliances, computers…

Fragmentation is not bad news, it is just evolution. Today there is something for everyone to watch. When the content is hyper targeted viewership is loyal and shared socially. The viewer's default choice for viewing is now streaming

Streaming delivers a numerous of benefits for marketers an advertisers, It combines the best of broadcast cable and digital. Advertisers are now able to target customers with precision: age, income, interests, purchase intent, and other associated digital characteristic such as clicks and view throughs. Marketers only pay for actual completed ad impressions rather than viewership estimates.

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