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Cable company sues HOA for not notifying or sharing the deals of a competing offer.

Wow, it is getting tough in the cable world.

I have mentioned that I do research daily on #CTV #Streaming #OTT Advertising and Marketing.

There are several sources that I utilize and I do try to cite the source in most of my posts & graphics that I may use. A source that I look at often is Cord Cutters News. I do not know the publisher, Luke Bouma. I will say he has all angles covered and his info is always up to date and in line with other info that I do consume. Luke, thank you for all you do.

This is a live update from Cord Cutters News 8/23/23. Spectrum sues a Homeowners Association after It tries to switch Providers. These deals are valuable to cable companies locking in several to hundreds of customers annually. According to the article Spectrum says the HOA, failed to honor the contract by not notifying Spectrum of a competing offer or supplying Spectrum with enough details to make a counteroffer.

Full article from Cord Cutters News here

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