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Buy the value, not the price. In the end price buyers often wind up paying more

Buy the value not the price. In the end price often costs more
Buy the value not the price. In the end price often costs more

I have posted about this before, certainly, I did not invent this saying and you have probably heard this saying many times. I am posting about this simply because of a transaction I made last week.

10 out of 10 times if I am going to purchase something online I purchase from Amazon. 9 out of 10 times I can find whatever I am looking for cheaper from a different online retailer.

Last week I purchased 3 sweaters for my wife from Amazon. They were all the same but different colors. I knew I would return 2 of them. My wife picked the color she liked most, glad I gave her a choice of three.

I simply went back to Amazon, clicked return, and received a QR code that said, take this to an Amazon drop off (such as the UPS Store) no packaging or label necessary. I went in there was this small line, all Amazon drop off stuff, and handed the sweaters over. The person at the counter was very nice and said Amazon makes things so easy don't they?

I simply smiled and said yes and a few other people around me nodded. within minutes I received an e-mail that said Amazon return refund. I didn't wait days or hours. The return was more simple than a brick-and-mortar return, really it was as simple as they get.

I have purchased things from other online retailers and the return was such a pain sometimes I just kept what I didn't want or gave it away. Saving a few bucks simply vanished because price over value typically is not a winning equation.

I see this in my business all the time. People promise their clients the world and often deliver only scorched earth. Prove don't promise, continue to win business by delivering the value.


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