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AT 55 I am invisible to Traditional marketers, but a pot of gold to tradigital marketers

I am no longer in the 25-54 Demo. To Traditional marketers I am invisible
I am no longer in the 25-54 Demo. To Traditional marketers I am invisible

A friend had a big birthday this weekend. While we sat on his back porch, on his new patio furniture and he told me about the outrageous vacation he just returned from. He then did a roll call of all the things he was about to purchase:

A Tesla,

a new computer,

floor covering. ( the old flooring looked good to me)

This guy is a marketer's dream. He owns his home free and clear, all of his children are off his payroll, he has been a good investor, and he will buy almost anything, what he does not buy, his wife does. He can pay in cash.

He turned 55 so now he is almost invisible to most traditional marketers 25-54.

The good news is to Tradigital marketers he is a pot of gold. He is a cord cutter and a gadget-heavy user, having his cell and a tablet with him at most times. Yesterday he said to me, something is funny. I think of purchasing something and I see ads for it on my TV, phone,& tablet.

I laughed, he is not in marketing but he sure is doing a lot of purchasing. Local CTV | OTT advertising always getting better. Age and gender is old school. Target lifestyle, purchase intent, online & offline behavior


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