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AMAZON to start running Ads in 2024.

On 6/19/23 I posted that Amazon Prime would likely jump into the #Streaming#CTV Ad business. Well likely just became definitely. Amazon to start carrying ADs in early 2024 for all current subscribers. Want to watch with no Ads? It is going to cost you extra. Google it, it is all over the internet.

While this seems like a big change, it is more of an admission that they are already doing Ads not they will just ad more and publicize it.

Amazon has been running Streaming and CTV ads for years on Freevee (before it was called Freevee it was IMDB) and there is a quick trailer ad before all Prime shows.

Like the original post said if you can't beat them join them.

#CTV #Streaming soon that is how you will get most movies, shows & entertainment.


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