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2023 went FAST, I don't mean the calendar year, I mean FAST platforms.

The growth of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) was phenomenal in 2023. The forecast is for FASTS to take over subscription-based streaming by 2030. After years of paying for cable, and watching only a few of the stations, consumers are looking for free, diverse, quality content. You can find all of that on FAST networks such as:

The Roku Channel



OEM 's like Samsung & LG





Sling freestream

There are also great Ad-Supported hybrids where viewers get a discount for accepting advertising. I now have advertising on my subscriptions to Max, Peacock, Paramount, & Hulu.

According to insider intelligence in Q 1/20/23, 86% of streamers have watched Ad-Supported streaming content. A Statista 2023 poll indicated that 57% of U.S. TV viewers watched FASTS such as Tubi and the Roku Channel in 2023. Both FASTS and AD-Supported Subscriptions will certainly grow as Amazon Prime starts running commercials during shows and movies 1/29/24 and the Netflix Ad-Supported option grows larger.

People vote with their wallets, viewers are OK with advertising, or at least they will accept advertising for lower or free access to entertainment, movies, news, and sports programming. A 2022 Statista survey indicated only 20 to 35% of respondents use ad-free streaming that's a year old, it is probably lower now. It is also reported that 90% of Hulu subscribers use the Ad-Supported tier.

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