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Programmatic better targeting, higher engagement, greater efficiencies & increased ROAS | ROI

Programmatic buying- empowers marketers to build more sophisticated strategies, deliver better targeting, drive higher engagement and greater efficiencies.

The term programmatic is misunderstood by some. It is sometimes poorly defined or vilified by those who don't know better.

Some think Programmatic is all about open exchanges and RTB and fraud. They completely miss the gold!

Programmatic allows marketers to utilize big data ( 1st 2ns 3rd party data), target the audience with purchase intent or high interests, in the correct location ( zips), with a personalized message at scale, leading to greater efficiency and higher engagement.

Ultimately programmatic automates and discerns enormous data that could not otherwise be done by an individual. Keep in mind it does take an expert to build, manage, optimize, and execute an extraordinary campaign.

While there is RTB Real Time Programmatic, and Open Exchanges, there is a stellar opportunity to be more selective, have more control, and minimize fraud with Private Exchanges (invitation only), Private Marketplace ( PMP), and Programmatic Direct.

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