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CTV | OTT It just keeps getting better for viewers and local advertisers. Just added Survivor...

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

It seems like everyday new viewing options pop up. Recently one of my favorite shows was added to Pluto- Survivor. A few weeks ago they added Bellator MMA. Pluto has many News options including most of the major networks, great reality ( if you like that) laugh loud comedy, and solid network and in-depth sports' I will be watching a lot of Pluto. Bet you can find one of your treasured shows on Pluto also. I don't work for pluto and have no association with Pluto other than I am a viewer and my clients benefit from their programming and precisely targeted audiences.

Skinny Bundles like Hulu, Sling, Fubo, or totally free channels, CTV | OTT is incredible. Once people cut the cord they don't go back. According to a Roku study, 82 percent of Cord Cutters are extremely satisfied 92 percent of Roku customers shared the same sentiment.

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CTV | OTT always getting better.


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