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Comcast & Spectrum/Charter Monopoly on cable shattered years ago. Now they are losing high Speed

My last 2 posts were about the penetration of CTV, Cord Cutting accelerating and Broadvast and CTV being on divergent paths. Broadcast is losing advertising revenue while CTV thriving.

This is the first headline I read this morning on Cord Cutters News.

Comcast is Getting Hit Hard By Cord Cutting As It Lost Over 1.15 Million TV Subscribers In Just 6 Months. For clarification that is the first 6 months of 2023. Spectrum/Charter, Dish & Direct TV are also getting hit hard.

Cable companies once had an exclusive Stranglehold on high-speed home internet. Cord cutting was more like cord shaving because many had to keep a relationship via their internet connection. Well now Comcast & Spectrum/Charter are losing their firm grip on High-Speed Home internet as well. T Mobile and Verizon have stepped up their 5G home internet with great speed, good pricing, and guarantees. There is more, Amazon's High-Speed Home Internet roles out in September 2023 (next month).

I am not attacking cable or kicking an industry while it is down. I am just sharing the latest research.

Truth is I have posted before that if cable companies treated their customers better they may not be in this state of affairs.


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