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Altruism- helping others even at a risk or cost to ourselves.

Bike MS 2023 is taking place March 18-March 19 at Championsgate, FL.

Bike MS raises funds for the more than 1 million Americans (Approx 1 out of 350 people) that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Odds are you know someone who has MS (or someone who will be diagnosed). Currently, there is no cure and The annual cost of MS medications is astronomical ranging from $57,202 to $92,719 according to the National MS society

Bike MS Championsgate, FL will go through Polk and Osceola County. Participants can ride 1 or 2 days & choose from 23 to 100 miles daily. The ride will be filled with the scenic views of Florida & camaraderie, but this ride for most people is anything but fun, for many, it will be draining and painful.

Brad Romp has been a rider in Bike MS for the last 17 years. He has raised over $300,000 in donations. He built a team to ride with him, finds sponsors, participates in media, rides 2 full days...

Brad grinds for others, Brad grinds for himself, pushing through every 1 mile, 150 times. For a fit person that trains for this ride, it is grueling.

Imagine doing this ride and having MS, that is what Brad does. He has also had Multiple sclerosis for 18+ years.

He is truly altruistic- helping others even at a risk to himself.

While Brad does a lot, one man can't do everything.

He needs donations,

We need donations,

The National MS Society needs donations.

ConnectADtv is a proud sponsor of Please visit and donate, every dollar counts. By donating you will be funding a future MS cure, you may be helping yourself, a family member, or a friend. Without question, you will be doing something good.

Ever heard the saying, give and you shall receive? I have always believed that is true, even more true now because, anyone who *donates will be entered to win a cruise. Details to follow at .

*donation not required to enter give away additional details at

MS is a snowflake disease, it is different in most people.

You can see how people with MS look, see Brad but you can't see how people with MS feel. It is a daily struggle many of the symptoms are invisible. Many progress to canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. Together we can stop the progression of MS, together we can stop MS.

  • vision problems.

  • numbness and tingling.

  • muscle spasms, stiffness and weakness.

  • mobility problems.

  • pain.

  • problems with thinking, learning and planning.

  • depression and anxiety.

Brad is doing all that he can For MS but it takes more than the power of one, Please help Brad & Romp To Cure MS make 2023 the largest fun donation ever.

Here is the link to Brad's Bike MS page

Have a great ride Brad

Video from WTVT this is an older story I will post new link when I get it.


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