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A Fresh Start Every Day: My Powerful Morning Routine can become yours. 16 days until I bike to raise Funds and Awareness for MS.

A Fresh Start Every Day: My Powerful Morning Routine Personal and Business.

For years, I've carved out the first 30 minutes of each morning to set the tone for the next 16 hours. It's a ritual that transcends yesterday's events and to-do lists, greeting each sunrise as a clean slate. This approach has made a world of difference in both my professional and personal life.

Even before climbing out of bed, I take a moment to focus on gratitude. I reflect on the people who enrich my life, the experiences that bring joy, and the positive moments that color my world. This practice sets a positive foundation. I also use this time to mentally prepare for upcoming tasks and goals. Like my upcoming bike ride for MS on April 20th – the mental training starts today!

Sunlight is my next priority. Stepping outside bathes me in natural light, resetting my internal clock and boosting my energy levels. Once I'm fully awake, I stretch and perform breathing & balance exercises to get my body moving. Finally, I take a cold plunge – either a dip in the pool or a cold shower. Throughout this entire routine, I stay screen-free, avoiding TV's Computers and phones my ritual is complete.

My MS Ride journey hasn't been smooth sailing. Surgery in November threw me off track for 8 weeks. Once returning to riding, the usual challenges of work, weather, and personal recovery hampered consistent training to 3 rides a total of 60 miles. In mid-March, COVID-19 sidelined me for 2 weeks (I still feel fatigued from covid) . I now have 16 days left until the ride, my resolve is strong, I will complete my ride (a bit slow). This event holds special meaning – I'm riding to Raise Awareness and Funds for MS and to honor my mother who battled Parkinson's for 20 years. She past in 1993 but it does not seem like 31 years to me.

Sharing my story has two goals:

Best to you


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