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YouTube is changing how it pitches YouTube TV. Hopefully good news

YouTube TV selling CTV | OTT inventory
YouTube TV selling CTV | OTT inventory

I just read an article about You Youtube changing the way it sells YouTube TV ( CTV | OTT) .

As far as I know, inventory on YouTube TV was just another inventory source for Google Preferred campaigns.

As I read this article it appears that YouTube TV inventory will now be sold separately. For now it looks like this is a national play. I think just the opposite. As mentioned in the article "Traditional brands are rarely interested in streaming TV inventory, because when they buy national ads from TV networks, it runs on the streaming service as well." I have always believed this to be the case and have held the position that the local breaks are just that... LOCAL.

The local CTV | OTT advertising space is moving too quickly for me to make predictions but I am hopeful that CTV | OTT inventory will soon become available to local advertisers. I will keep watch and make a post if I find out anything.

Full article here


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