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“You would not believe how many people are trying to sell me OTT”

“You would not believe how many people are trying to sell me OTT”. I would, I hear it all the time.

What I don’t believe is what some sellers are saying to sell CTV|OTT. Clearly there is a lot of pressure from the top.

I learned long ago, I can develop and help more clients with my two ears than I can with my foot in my mouth.

The simple truth is that we all have access to fantastic inventory. It is not the inventory that takes a campaign from good to great. It starts with listening to your client, understanding their goals, needs, & challenges. Developing a strategy to deliver. CTV | OTT is more than audience extension


the transparency

the data partners

the technology

ongoing consultation

cross-device planning and execution

insights & improvements made as a result of world-class reporting& follow up

knowledge, skill, & communication between the client salespeople & operations (they are typically not in the same city & the communication is run through a daisy chain before the campaign starts)

trust that the original campaign plan was run pure and as agreed

best practices established, articulated & explained

CTV | OTT is the gold rush, it should be, it’s fantastic for advertisers that want more than Age & Gender, like Purchase Intent, Lifestyle, Income, Interests, Geo.

Inspect what you expect, watch out that you don’t get stuck with Stinky Pete the prospector. ConnectADtv, we are different, we prove it, we have references

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