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“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy,”- Jane Marczewski

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You are the voice we all need to hear this year- Terry Crews

Every day I look for inspiration. I often find it in strange places. When I do find it, I share it. Last night 6/12 I was watching live TV, something I rarely do. As I was changing channels I watched a thin cheerful girl walk on the America's Got Talent stage, and I had to watch. I am not 100% sure why I had to watch but I am glad I did. If you view this clip, I think you will be glad you did also.

Jane Marczewski sang an original song. That is always a risk, possibly that is why I started to watch, I like risk-takers. I listened to her speak, it was much more than risk, and all very positive. It's OK, It's OK, It's OK...

She was incredible and received the golden buzzer very cool.

Here are more links, if you ever feel down watch it and you will feel better

Watch the first 5 minutes of this

From Access

Incredible how people you don't even know, like Jane Marczewski, can move and inspire you.

I wish her the best.

I don't know Jane but she does have a go fund me page for her treatments. I am not asking you to participate, but if you want, here is the link

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28 jun 2021

After watching this beautiful young woman sing, it escapes me how hatred can even be part of our lives. All I heard was honesty, a beautiful story being told and the purist of love. My heart is with you, Jane.

Me gusta

Julio Rumbaut
Julio Rumbaut
16 jun 2021

God Bless this incredible woman to whom we should all be thankful for providing inspiration to any and all, within her unfortunate conditions. She is truly a saint! If you do not watch anything else, watch this unforgettable story, it will change your day, maybe your life,

Me gusta
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