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Will the at-home workforce be more or less productive...It depends.

Will the at-home workforce be more productive? Some say yes and some say no.

In my old career, I was always busy... busy doing busy work. Since I started my new company I work from home and I am much more productive. Most of the people that work for me work from home, that was part of the selection process. They are fantastic and I am thankful for them every day.

I have managed many people over my career. I would categorize them as Salespeople, Support, and Data Entry.

My gut tells me 20% would have succeeded. They were Lone Eagles and had the drive and determination to go it alone and succeed.

25% of them would have failed. They needed the office environment for motivation, collaboration, direction, to commiserate with others, and to compete with others. Early in my career, I sat next to a guy about my age, he was a better salesperson. Every day I would work to become better than him. 30 years later we are still friends, I have never told him That he motivated me to become successful, but if he reads his post he will know.

So what happens to the other 50% of the workforce flip a coin. Working from home can be a blessing for the right person it can also be a disaster for a person with the wrong mindset. Right now, working from home in some organizations is not a choice it is just the current situation. I wish everyone luck. The above is just my opinion. I have attached two articles, one is pro the other con.


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