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While everyone is gushing over the Oprah, Harry & Meghan interview, look a little Closer.

When linear TV boasts of a 3.6 A 25-54 and a 2.6 A 18-49 it is nothing to celebrate.

I have read many headlines, tweets, and Google searches results. They are all gushing about Oprah Winfrey's March 7th exclusive 2-hour Interview with Harry and Meghan. The program was proclaimed the largest primetime audience for any special since the Academy Awards on Feb. 9, 2020. Link to above article

It is amazing that Oprah was able to set up, produce, and sell this interview to CBS for between 7& 9 million. Possibly a feat only Oprah could have pulled off.

I did not watch the program I was more interested in seeing the ratings once they were published. After a quick analysis, the complementary headlines and stories, while totally valid are grossly overstated when it comes to ratings wins. Like most linear television programs these days, the ratings were just not that good.

National ratings for the Oprah Interview with Harry & Megan

3.6 A 25-54

2.6 18-49

These ratings do vary by market.

I vividly remember the days where a Prime Time program delivering a 3.6 rating with A 25-54 would land on the cancellation list.

Just as a comparison for ratings A 18-49.

The special did a 2.6 A 18-48

Here is the 2009-2010 Prime Time Ratings are below for a few programs

American Idol Fox Tue 9.2 Wed 8.4 Undercover Boss CBS 6.7 Big Bang Theory CBS 6.3 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 6.3 House Fox 6.1 Two and a Half Men CBS 5.6

This post is not bashing linear TV. It is where I spent most of my career. Times have changed, the audience has moved. Advertisers and marketers are moving advertising dollars to CTV. I saw this trend several years ago and it is why I left my job as a Director of Sales for a broadcast television station and started my new journey with ConnectADtv. Please come along for the ride, if you have questions or would like to start a CTV campaign let's talk

727 580 4857

CTV always getting better for consumers and advertisers


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