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When your will to win is stronger than your will to quit, amazing things happen.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Even If you don’t play football or are not a fan, there is a lesson and an opportunity for us all to achieve our personal best.

In 2022 have a championship mindset

On Sunday I watched the best two young quarterbacks in the NFL play to an absolute thriller. There was resiliency and an unyielding commitment to winning on both sides of the ball. My count could be off, but I think there were 31 points scored in the final few minutes, that's more points than in the entire San Francisco 49ers Green Bay game.

Bills - Touchdown & 2 Point conversion 8

Chiefs Touchdown 7

Bills Touchdown 7

Chiefs Field Goal 3

Chiefs OT Touchdown 6

In 2022 have a championship mindset


Work through your final hour

Take calculate risks

Sell through your final sale

Focus on the job at hand

Separate urgent from important and know the difference

Identify problems & provide solutions before they are brought to your attention

Own your wins as well as your losses

Appreciate your teammates (your coworkers and clients)…


Self Discipline

Examine Your Habits

Be curious open-minded and willing to learn

Manifest your own success. See it, Say it. Do it

Be authentic, self-aware, and honest

Work on relationships (they do take work to be the best)

Push through your final set

Set the table with nourishment

Surround yourself with people that add to your life, and add to theirs

Fill your mind with positive thoughts…

Deliver down the stretch and always execute at a high level

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