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When you commit to your authentic Why your What’s become clear.

With clarity, the hard things in life become harder not to do.

I have worked for companies and been to several meetings/workshops where people were fascinated with Simon Sinek’s “Find Your Why”. In the setting of corporate meetings, I have often felt the “Find Your Why” was a bit disingenuous. No matter how far we stretched & sketched out ideas it would always come back to the company's bottom line. The Why was nowhere to be found in budget meetings and we never even develop KPIs to judge if we were coming closer to our collective Why. These meetings were all well-intentioned and coming back to budget is fine. Most companies are in business to make money, it is their Why.

This is not a rant against Why, I like the concept of “Find Your Why” when applied individually. I believe that the more personal & authentic your Why is, the more powerful and sustaining it will be. I have even grown the “Find Your Why” into Find Your Why’s: Professional Why’s, Personal Why’s. Marriage Why’s, Health Why’s... I have also found that Why’s can also change or adopt.

When you know your genuine Why’s (personal and owned only by you) then the What’s are not so daunting. The What’s are simply a personal action plan of things needed to in order to achieve your Why’s.

Here is an example Why's and how they change over time.

I have always been short, something I could not control. I have never wanted to be small something I could control.

In my 20s and 30s, I went to the gym regularly. My Why was fairly simple. Working out made me feel in control of not being little, which gave me the personal confidence to interact better with my Family, friends, Piers & Clients.

Now that I AM 57 my Why for working out is completely different. It is about maintaining optimal health, Keeping a sharp and focused mind, weight management, endurance, and energy.

With completely different Why’s I now have a completely different list of What’s.

My simplified young What’s: lift heavy, train daily, eat everything.

My simplified older What’s are different. Go to the gym when I feel my best (morning, mid-day, early evening, my choice for maximized results), mix in ample cardio (something I did not enjoy when I was young, now I can't imagine a workout without cardio) eat healthy, intermittent fasting, stay small, completely opposite of the younger me.

When you commit to your authentic Why your What’s become clear. With clarity, the hard things in life become harder not to do. All the best.


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