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TV better than ever. CTV empowers marketers to purchase audiences rather than programs.

Full article from Variety

TV also has flat-out changed thanks to content, distribution, addressability, and technology. 8 out of 10 households have a connected TV device. Today's devices are great, and you can buy one for about $20.

If you are a marketer or advertiser there is an opportunity to connect deeper with your audience and focus on relevancy, impact, and efficiency. It is addressable advertising delivered by CTV | OTT | Streaming.

CTV has ushered in a new era that has enabled marketers to shift from buying programs to purchasing audiences.

Let’s face it, due to fragmentation, time-shifting, cord-cutting... it is hard to pick the right program. Who would have thought that the 2021 Grammys would plunge to record low ratings? The 2021 Grammys dropped 53% from 2020 and only achieved a 2.1 rating adults 18-49. Despite the huge drop in the Grammy's traditional TV ratings, this year’s show delivered 83% more streamers than the 2020 show.

There is a sliver lining- Addressable advertising offered by CTV can ensure marketers that they are efficiently influencing the right audience, in their trade area, with the correct message, at the optimal time of consideration or purchase. Today there is the scale to move from programs to audiences that will help campaigns achieve success. CTV is smarter advertising through better targeting.

CTV advertising also provides the additional benefit of digital attribution and measurement. Want to find out more? Lets talk 727-580-4857

CTV always Getting Better for consumers and advertisers.


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