• Robert Eckelman

To get back to normal, I did a few things different

I stood in line at Home Depot and was happy to do so. Home Depot only let 100 people in total into the store. Everyone kept their distance 6 feet or more, many people &  Home Depot employees wore masks & gloves. It felt safe, there were no shoppers only buyers, people were spending money.

We ordered pick up groceries. In the past, we've used Amazon for a limited number of items. This time everything was pick-up. The process was fine. We purchased items we typically don't ( feel-good food). Many people are doing pick-up because there was a wait, or many had to come back to schedule a pickup time. Just as with Home Depot it was organized and felt safe.

I congratulated my son for drinking, he is 21. I don't encourage him to drink, he's a college student they don't need any encouragement, that's just what many of them do. He and his friends had a virtual happy hour. That is a sign of their resiliency and how they will try and get back to a new normal.

Cater to the new normal & find opportunity

SISU- The capacity to face adversity head-on and overcome      

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